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Price Guide #2

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Kale's Price Guide Book #2

The most comprehensive modern day diecast price guide to Hot Wheels, GreenLight and M2 Machines from

1995 to 2020!

This guide covers:

Hot Wheels 1995 to 2020

  • Mainlines

  • Factory Sealed Prices

  • Short Card Prices

  • Car Culture Series

  • Character Cars

  • Convention Exclusives

  • Hot Wheels Premium Series

  • Pop Culture Series

  • Red Line Club Exclusives

  • Retailer Exclusives & Special Editions 

  • Retro Entertainment

  • Treasure Hunts

  • Super Treasure Hunts

  • AND MORE!!!

GreenLight 2008 to 2020

  • All-Terrain Series

  • Barrett Jackson Series

  • Black Bandit Series

  • Club V-Dub Series

  • Country Roads Series

  • GL Muscle Series

  • Hitch & Tow Series

  • Hitched Homes Series

  • Hobby Shop Series

  • Hollywood Series

  • Hot Pursuit Series

  • Kings of Crunch Series

  • Motor World Series

  • Running on Empty Series

  • SD Trucks Series

  • Tokyo Torque Series

  • AND MORE!!!


M2 Machines 2009 to 2020

  • Auto-Drivers Series

  • Auto-Haulers Series

  • Auto-Japan Series

  • Auto-Lift Series

  • Auto-thentics Series

  • Auto-Trucks Series

  • Coca-Cola Series

  • Detroit Muscle Series

  • Ground Pounders Series

  • Model Kit Series

  • Sprite Series

  • Squarebody Series

  • Stretch Rods Series

  • Volkswagen Series

  • Wild Card Series

  • AND MORE!!!


  • Top 10 Lists

  • Condition Guide to grade your diecast

  • More Pages

  • More Photos

  • More Prices - Over 17,000 listings!

  • Price indicators that will show you if a price has gone up or down

  • AND a  Market Demand indicator for every listing in the book


Over 150 pages of diecast prices!

ISBN-13: 978-1-7923-3996-7

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Kale's Price Guide to Modern Diecast Toy Cars - Issue #2
Featuring Modern Day Releases: Hot Wheels 1995-2020,
M2 2008 to 2020, Greenlight 2008 to 2020 and more! 
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Sneak Peek of the price listings inside Kale's new Modern Diecast Price Guide Issue #2:

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