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Collector Interviews

By Kale's Diecast Toy Cars staff

Meet Collector Randy Blake

Hey Randy! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day for an interview with Kale's Diecast Toy Cars!

Kale's Diecast Toy Cars: Do you remember the first toy car you ever collected?


Randy: Yes , It was the Hot Wheels SuperVan.  Black with Flames and Redline wheels.  Still today it is my favorite casting.  I have every release of this casting  - carded and loose in my collection. :)


KDTC: Do you still have any of the first cars you played with as a kid?

Randy: Yes, I have one 48 car and one 24 car Hot Wheels cases full of my childhood cars. None are mint ,but they are still nice.  They were my only real childhood toys as we were a very poor family.


KDTC: How long have you been collecting?


Randy: I truly started in 1996 after a few months of buying cars in stores that I thought were cool .I found a 1996 Treasure Hunt Bugatti in Blue with Red Interior and a Pro Circuit 6 spoke wheels.  It was in a bin at KayBee Toys in the mall near where I live.  I thought this one car looked nothing like all of these other cars in this bin and then noticed the words TREASURE HUNT on the card in the Green Stripe.  After doing some research I found out that they were highly collectible.  It was all downhill form


KDTC:  What is your current favorite diecast brand?



KDTC:  What is your favorite vehicle or casting?

Randy: SuperVan

KDTC:  How many cars do you think you have in your collection?

Randy:25,000 but it varies because I buy, sell and trade every day!









KDTC:  What’s your most valuable item in your collection?

Randy:I have 5-10 cars in the $1500-$2000 range each and a few hundred in the $100-$500 range. Then  I have thousands in the $10-$75 range each.


KDTC:  What advice would you give to new collectors?

Randy:Buy only what you love. Don't fall for the hype of having to have one of each of all of the series or every variation from every year. In the end, you will love your collection much more.


KDTC:  Do you have an interesting toy car-related story you wouldn’t mind sharing with our audience?

Randy:Sure, I met my best friend at a job I was working at back in 1997.  He was about 7 years older than me and one day we began talking about Hot Wheels and how I collected them and that he had a 48 car case full somewhere in his garage from his childhood.  I offered to buy them because I was beginning to want to collect the original Redline Hot Wheels.  I went to his house and he found the case and I offered him $50 for the whole box.  He agreed as they were all well-loved and he didn't think he wanted them any longer.  A few months go by and my new friend decides to start collecting Hot Wheels after finding a few cars for me in the stores while doing regular shopping. We now travel all around the country to the Hot Wheels Conventions and Diecast toy shows together and have a great time enjoying this hobby together.  Oh and on a cool note, as I have purchased mint replacements for my friend's cars from his childhood collection I have returned each one of his cars to him.

KDTC: Thanks, Randy. Great story! Those are some cool-looking Super Vans too!

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