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About the Author

I self-published my first price guide in the 1980s while still a student in high school. My first guide was titled Rookie Investor's Guide and I focused on pricing and investment tips on rookie baseball cards. I released several issues over the years. Here is a photo.

​From the 1990's to the 2010's I worked at two different publishing companies; Century Publishing and Beckett Publications. As editor, I helped launch and publish over 30 different price guide titles. Three of those titles featured Hot Wheels and diecast vehicles. The first one was Hot Cars, which was released in 1999 by Beckett publications. Most of the images in that book came from the collection of my good friend and veteran Hot Wheels redline collector, Mark Winkelman. Hot Cars included pricing and information on Hot Wheels, Lesney Matchbox, Johnny Lightning and Aurora diecast vehicles.

​I also worked on a monthly collectibles price guide called Hot Toys magazine. That publication also included prices for Hot Wheels and Matchbox vehicles.

A few years after the Hot Toys magazine released, I edited three annual Official Hot Wheels Price Guide books, and worked directly with the Mattel toy company. Many of these books can still be purchased today on Amazon, eBay and other book websites. As a side note, I convinced Mattel to place a photo of the guide book directly onto the actual Hot Wheels packaging in 2008 and 2009.

​Fast forward to 2017, and I self-published Kale's Diecast Toy Cars Investor's Guide with my family. The term "Investor's Guide" in the title is an homage to my very first publication, Rookie Investor's Guide.


Kale's Diecast Toy Cars Investor's Guide sold out in its first year. A second Price Guide issue is now being released.

​While working on Kale's Diecast Toy Cars Investor's Guide, I was also putting together this new redline price guide. Both my son and I are big fans of vintage redline Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning vehicles and thus Kale's Redline Toy Cars Investor's Guide was born. - Doug Kale

​If you have any questions about Kale's guides, you can send your questions to

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