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Collector Interviews

By Kale's Diecast Toy Cars staff

Meet Collector Jerry Jones

Kale's Diecast Toy Cars:  Hello Jerry! Thank you again for taking the time for this interview. So, where are you from?

Jerry Jones: Dayton,Ohio


KDTC: Do you remember the first toy car you ever collected?

Jerry: Poison Pinto,Heavyweights Moving Van,442 Police Cruiser.


KDTC: Do you still have any of the first cars you played with as a kid?

Jerry: Sadly no! I think my dad may have them in top of the barn. LOL.


KDTC: How long have you been collecting?

Jerry: Since I was 6.


KDTC: What is your current favorite diecast brand?

Jerry: Hot Wheels.


KDTC: What is your favorite vehicle or casting?

Jerry: Olds 442.


KDTC: How many cars do you think you have in your collection?

Jerry: Between Hot Wheels and others I like I would say 1200.


KDTC: What’s your most valuable item in your collection?

Jerry: Value/Money wise: My 442 collection! In my mind:Cars,etc. My friends gave them to me when I was sick.They are my prize pieces!


KDTC: What advice would you give to new collectors?

Jerry: Do your research and BUY ONCE!


KDTC: Do you have an interesting toy car-related story you wouldn’t mind sharing with our audience?

Jerry: I remember like it was yesterday,a new kid moved into our plat.His name was Kelly.One day he ask my if I like Hot Wheels. I said yes.He got his cars out and I went to get mine (All Redline's) and from that day on, I think we were in the dirt for a month. We traded back and forth for years.Then they moved and I never heard from them again.

KDTC: Great stories, Jerry! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Collectors: If you know someone who has a great diecast toy car collection of Hot Wheels, M2, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox, GreenLight or any others, we would like to interview them. Our contact email ! Enjoy!

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