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FACEBOOK Collector Group pages:

If you would like us to include a new diecast-related Facebook Group, please email us at and please place FACEBOOK GROUP in the Subject Line. 


Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels & Diecast Collecting Buying Selling -


Hot Wheels Collectors and Traders -

Hotwheels collectors only -

Hotwheels custom fun house -

Hot Wheels Newsletter -

Hot Wheels Newsletter Trade Board -

Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt Short Card Group -

Hot wheels Variations/errors buy/sell/trade -

HW4E -

High Grade Redline Collectors -

Redline Collectors Retreat -

Redline Hot Wheels Lounge -

Redline Lounge Admin -

Redline Trading Company -

Redlines Live -

The Redline Auction House -

Auto World

Auto World -

Auto World Dicast Fans - USA -


GreenLight Collectibles -
GreenLight Collectibles México -​

1/18 Greenlight Collectibles Diecast -

M2 Machines

M2 Machines -

M2 Machines Collectors -

M2 Machines, Auto World, GreenLight -

Johnny Lightning

Johnny Lightning -

Johnny Lightning Diecast Cars Buy, Sell, Swap And Show -

Johnny lightning, M2, GreenLight, Racing Cham& Auto World Buy, Sell & Share -


Matchbox Collectors Forum (MCF) -

Matchbox Collectors Group -

Diecast (In General)

All diecast loose and carded buy/sell/trade/show =

Classic Diecast - The Early Year's -

Diecast Car Crazy Collectors (D3C) -

Diecast Collectors Corner -

Diecast collectors forum -

Diecast Doubletakes -

Diecast Toy Cars Hot Wheels -

$5 Die-cast & Show and Tell, Buy & Sell -
Toy Car Case -
Toy Car Collectors Group -





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