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Hot Wheels Releases Exclusive RLC Batmobile for the Holidays!

Members of the Hot Wheels Red Line Club will have first chance to buy the 2017 RLC Holiday Classic TV Series Batmobile on 12/12 and then 12/13 to all HW fans if any are still available.

Here are the specs from Mattel on this new release:


  • Body Color: Spectraflame dark green

  • Deco: Red stripes on sides, holiday deco on doors, red BATMAN™ symbol on hood

  • Body Type: ZAMAC

  • Wheels: Neo-Classics Redline wheels

  • Base: Full-metal, red-painted chassis

  • Window Color: Medium smoke-tinted

  • Interior Color: Black w/ painted details

  • If quantities remain after 12/13, purchase limits will be removed for RLC members to buy until sold out

Only 6000 will be released.

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