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SNEAK PEEK: 2018 Hot Wheels Upcoming Releases

We have some more behind the scenes news for the 2018 Hot Wheels upcoming releases.

Here's the breakdown of special releases we know of so far:

2018 Hot Wheels Pop Culture series (5 new sets will be released)

* 2018 Nestles

* 2018 DC Comics "Alex Ross artwork"

* 2018 TBD

* 2018 TBD

* 2018 TBD

2018 Hot Wheels Special Edition and Retailer Exclusives Releases

Car Culture editions

* Cargo Carriers - (Ford Transit Super Van, Honda Odyssey, Nissan Skyline C10 Wagon, Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus,

* Eurospeed - (Audi R8 LMS, BMW M1, Mercedes Benz 190E,

* Japan 2 Historics - (Datsun Bluebird 510, Mazda RX-3, Nissan Fairlady Z, Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX, Nissan Skyline C210)(

*** Cars & Donuts will be a 2017 series released in late 2017 and early 2018

Team Transport (Truck with a car) MSRP: $13.99

* Volkswagen T1 Transporter and Porsche Speedster

* Retro Rig and Plymouth Duster Funny Car

* Fleet Flyer and Porsche 962

Target Store Exclusive Series

* Decades Series - (includes: 10s: 15 Dodge Challenger, 80s: 86 Monte Carlo)

Walmart Store Exclusive Series

* Black and Gold Series - (includes cars in black and gold colors: Bone Shaker, Twin Mill)

* Camaro Series - (includes: Custom 11 Camaro, 85 Chevrolet Camaro)

* Chevy Trucks 100th Anniversary - (includes: 67 Chevy C10, 52 Chevy)

* Zamac Flames Series - (includes: 70 Buick GSX, 67 Ford Mustang Coupe)

Hot Wheels Collectors Club Exclusives

Original 16 Re-release from 1968 Hot Wheels (Special color releases)

1. Beatnik Bandit (Unreleased color for this casting)

2. Custom Barracuda (Unreleased color for this casting)

3. Custom Camaro (Unreleased color for this casting)

4. Custom Corvette (Unreleased color for this casting)

5. Custom Cougar (Unreleased color for this casting)

6. Custom Eldorado (Unreleased color for this casting)

7. Custom Firebird (Unreleased color for this casting)

8. Custom Fleetside (Unreleased color for this casting)

9.Custom Mustang (Unreleased color for this casting)

10. Custom T-Bird (Unreleased color for this casting)

11. Custom Volkswagen (Unreleased color for this casting)

12. Deora (Unreleased color for this casting)

13. Ford J-Car (Unreleased color for this casting)

14. Hot Heap (Unreleased color for this casting)

15. Python (Unreleased color for this casting)

16. Silhouette (Unreleased color for this casting)

2018 Hot Wheels National Promo Assortment

(A 5-car set in a packages similar to the original 1968 release)

* 1967 Camaro

* 1967 Custom Mustang

* 1968 Cougar

* Volkswagen Beetle

* 1968 Hemi Barracuda

2018 Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites

56 Chevy

71 AMC Javelin

More to come...

2018 Hot Wheels Main-In Exclusives

* Walmart Mail-in - 70 Chevy Blazer

* KMart Mail-in - 55 Chevy Bel-Air Gasser

2018 Hot Wheels Mainline releases

Here are a few that will be in the 2018 mainline series:

16 Cadillac ATS-VR

Mach Speeder

Racing Sled

71 Porsche 911

15 Ford Mustang GT

Classic Nomad

17 Jeep Wrangler

Kool Kombi (Secret Treasure Hunt)

Custom Ford Maverick

Buns of Steel

10 Honda Civic Type R

16 BMW M2

17 Camaro ZL1 (Super Treasure Hunt)

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